Teak Chairs – Finally Patio Chairs with Style and Strength That Lingers

Teak Chairs – Finally Patio Chairs with Style and Strength That Lingers
By Jennifer Akre

What if you could have patio chairs that didn’t crack, rot, or warp or require really any maintenance at all? You might think that this is not possible, but if your chairs are made of teak it is a reality.

Teak may be the best wood for making outdoor furniture. Long prized by ship and bridge builders for its natural resistance to water it is nearly impervious to the effects of sun, rain or snow. This means you can leave your teak furniture outside year round and still enjoy it season after season. Left alone your teak chairs will fade to a lovely silvery gray patina or if you prefer to keep them looking like new you can treat them with teak protector once annually and they will always be a warm brown.

Sure you may think of Adirondack chairs when you think of wood patio furniture, but teak chairs come in many beautiful styles. Maybe you want a teak chaise lounge or steamer chair or perhaps a club chair with some Asian flair? No matter what type of teak chairs you have been dreaming of the best place to shop for them is online. Don’t waste time scrounging through your local stores’ dismal offerings. Instead browse the best selection and the best prices online. You won’t believe your eyes when you see all the gorgeous styles of teak chairs available today.

Choose from folding chairs, bar stools, dining chairs and more. Go for something plain and classic or something accented with carved designs. Maybe you want the sleek modern look of a chair that is both teak and white fabric? Or perhaps the simple and casual look of a pair of rocking chairs is more your style? No matter what size and shape you choose your teak chairs will last for at least fifty years while they provide you with style and comfort.

Try a teak lounge chair with matching ottoman; both topped with cushions for a plush, relaxing retreat. Add some sturdy teak chairs around your teak patio table to complete an outdoor dining area full of timeless style. Choose chairs that have scrolled arms, straight arms or no arms. You’ll find many different chair designs online to suit your taste and comfort. So whether you want some teak chairs that are curved to cradle the human body or some Chippendale style chairs to relax in while you enjoy your green garden you’ll find what you are looking for with ease.

Whether you are replacing your old patio chairs or just want to add to your backyard retreat why not invest in some teak chairs to make it complete? You’ll love their classic beauty and strength. So settle into a deep seating lounge chair or indulge in an icy beverage in a teak bar stool and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer. Soak up the warm sun and breathe in the fresh air while you sit in your teak chairs year after year. You’re worth this kind of comfort.

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The Pros and Cons of Teak Furniture

The Pros and Cons of Teak Furniture
By Nicki Foster

When it comes to outdoor furniture, nothing could be more popular than teak furniture. They are by far the most favored outdoor furniture by so many homeowners. Let’s find out its distinguishing characteristics and the underlying pros and cons of buying and using this type of outdoor furnishing.

Teak furniture scores A-plus when it comes to durability. The teak lumbers they are made from are superbly constructed by nature to have very tight wood grains. This enables the teak wood furniture to withstand great stresses and heavy loads. Well, of course, if it’s seating for people and only food items are placed on top of table surfaces then perhaps all different outdoor material types will survive. But durability isn’t just about supporting heavy loads. It also speaks of longer-lasting quality. With teak patio furniture, the wood grains are not only weaved tight, they are also rich in natural oils. This makes them able to repel moisture from seeping in to prevent rotting and it also drives away termites and pests that can gnaw in its wood making them last for generations.

Another advantage of teak patio furniture is style. Only highly-skilled craftsmen handle pricey teak lumber material, hence, every piece produced exudes unparalleled elegance and beauty. The teak pieces also have beautiful natural finish in golden hue. What is more interesting is that they require little maintenance or virtually none at all. You can leave your teak chairs or tables outdoors and they will turn to a silver patina over time giving them a very unique weathered look.

With all these pros for the teak furnishing, you probably would think there’s no disadvantage pinned to them. Well, you’re wrong. It all boils down to the price. Not all homeowners are able to afford their thousand dollar price. Many would have wished for a teak chair or table in their yard but the scarcity of the material used to make this beautiful piece of furniture makes it a far-fetched dream for some.

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Article Source: The Pros and Cons of Teak Furniture